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30 November 2008 @ 01:46 pm
Did Jesus Even Exist?  
This is taken from "Truth Saves" which is a site that is dedicated to getting the real truth out there about religion and god. These excerpts regarding the existence of Christ are taken directly from their website.

The big question, did Jesus Christ actually exist? Most just assume he did and never take the time to ask this question. Let’s fix that, if you think Jesus did really exist then ask yourself the simple question of “Why do you think he actually existed?” As it turns out, if one takes the time to do the research they will find out there is actually no evidence suggesting Jesus was a real historic figure. Before moving on it is important to keep one thing in mind. The notion that Jesus didn’t exist should not be a problem for you. If you truly believe in God then your that is where your concern should be, not with legends about his alleged son or earthly avatar.

No Evidence for Jesus Christ

Have you ever wondered why Jesus’ life is only found in religious scriptures and not academic history books? The answer is because there must be some sort of evidence suggesting a person was real before he or she makes it into the books as a historical figure. This is where the case for Jesus Christ fails. Despite how many people believe in him, their believes are all religious based and not history based.

As it turns out there has never been a shred of evidence that dates to the time Jesus was said to live that supports his existence. Jesus did not leave a single footprint in history, there are no artifacts, documentation or remains left behind by him. We also don’t have any writings that came from Jesus which is very odd since here was a man who supposedly came to earth with an important message of salvation that all of our souls rested on the shoulders of. Even more troublesome is that no one else wrote down a single thing about Jesus during his alleged life time either. If there was a man named Jesus who existed during the this time no one knew who he was, his life would have been absolutely insignificant. However the Bible describes a man who was feeding thousands of families with magically generated food, healing the sick, casting out daemons, brought Lazarus back from the dead along with many other miracles all in front of witnesses. Jesus was also said to have had a successful ministry and gathered crowds from all over to hear his sermon on the mountain. He was supposedly such a controversial person who shook things up so much that the Jewish leaders even met up on Passover eve just to plan a way to get rid of him.

Despite all this not one single person wrote down anything about him during the time of his alleged existence. Not one word. There are many well known historians and writers that lived in and around the Mediterranean area either during or soon after the assumed life of Jesus yet there is no mention of Jesus Christ. If Jesus did exist he would have been too large of a figure to have slipped through history. Jesus would have even been a bigger name than Julius Caesar yet unlike Jesus we have a rather complete history of Caesar’s life.

Historical EvidenceCaesarChrist
Has personally written textsYESNO
Writings by friends about him written during his life timeYESNO
Writings by enemies about him written during his life timeYESNO
Sculptures/artwork of him created during his life timeYESNO
Artifacts confirming his lifeYESNO
Artifacts confirming his deathYESNO

False Evidence of Jesus
In a desperate attempt Apologists use false evidence for Jesus' defense. However all of the presented "evidence" is either not related to Jesus Christ like the writings commonly referred to historians or are flat out forgeries. Why would Christians need to forge evidence to prove Jesus existed if he really did?

References to Christ
There have been writings that do not mention any miracles but do contain a few sentences that refer to the Christus or the Christ, which in fact is not name but a title meaning the “Anointed one.” These are in no relation Jesus Christ.

Flavius Josephus
The Testimonium Flavianum credited to the Jewish historian Josephus has a passage on Jesus Christ's life and miracles and is a well known forgery from the 4th century. It covers debated topics specific to the 4th century. It was never referred to by Apologists prior to the 4th century. Josephus wrote pages on insignificant people and even more on the more significant yet the forgery about Jesus is only a few sentences long. Most importantly Josephus died as an orthodox Jew and never believed in the existence of Jesus Christ.

Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin is a forgery. After independent analysis by the University of Arizona, Oxford and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology all results date the shroud to be from between 1260 and 1390 CE. Besides, even if it was from the wrappings of a dead body during the 1st century this would still not be evidence to directly link it to Jesus Christ.

What About the Bible?
Yes, some will try to use the Bible as evidence for Jesus really existing but as we clearly know the scriptures cannot be taken as historically accurate, it cannot even agree on what year Jesus was born. Most importantly everything in the Bible was written long after Jesus' supposed life and does not contain eye witness accounts.

He Was Influential
Some say "but he was influential and had a following." This following and his influences were after his supposed life time. Besides, the influences of the stories about Jesus give no more credibility to the existence of Jesus than the influences of any other mythological god.

Historical Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus

Some apologists think finding a regular person in history titled Jesus Christ (which has not been done yet) would prove the existence of Jesus described in the Bible. Yes, the absolute lack of evidence is making apologists despite but the existence of one person does not prove the existence of another simply because they have the same name. For example, tradition comic book scriptures tell us of a man named Clark Kent, nick named “Superman,” who had super human powers. He could fly and had super human strength. Now, proving that Clark Kent from the comic books is just a fictional story character obviously does not disprove the possibility that a regular man named Clark Kent ever existed. BUT any rational person would never claim that Clark Kent from the comic books was an actual historical figure simply because one found evidence that a regular human with the name Clark Kent actually existed.

Changing History

So why have people been led to believe Jesus really existed? The answer is political power. The concept of a historical Jesus was made official and forced onto the public during the 4th century CE when Emperor Constantine sought to historicize Jesus to make his newly adapted religion appear more persuasive. Constantine developed and controlled the early Christian Church. Belief in Christ gave the Church, and along with it Constantine, power over the people. Today people still believe in a historical Jesus because most never take the time to question it and public discussion about the issue is considered taboo and avoided. Christian apologists also devote their lives to convincing the general public of a historical Jesus because if the truth was known many people would be out of a job or at very least they would be without the false sense of comfort the idea of Jesus brings them. The bottom line is, if you believe in Jesus then you are being taken advantage of.

Many Faces of Jesus

If Jesus was a real person who recently lived then why did the earliest Christians and scribes all believe in various Jesus Christs? The Marcionites thought Jesus was a god who came to defeat the god of Moses and Abraham. The Ebionites though Jesus was not a god but a human that was later adopted by God. The Gospel of Peter tells us that Jesus was not human at all but 100% a god. Many Christians didn’t believe Jesus every walked on earth but rather existed in a spiritual realm like the other gods. The later group of Christians known as the Paulines thought Jesus was human and a god. Why was there so much confusion and disagreeance if Jesus recently existed?

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