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10 December 2008 @ 10:23 am
Isn't Religion All About Goodness And Love?  
Most people wonder why I oppose religion so much when really it's all about peace, love, and goodness. In theory, yes it is supposed to be, but in practice it is definitely not. I can't deny that churches and certain religious organizations have helped the needy and have funded several charities. However, why not cut out the middle man and give to the charity directly? When you're donating to a church charity, the church takes their cut before giving to the less fortunate. If you cut them out of the deal, then the charity would get more money. I also have a great website that presents great arguments against the "goodness" and "charitable" churches. You can read it right here at Truth Saves.

I know many atheists who are also humanists. This means they have a genuine love for the human race and they want to promote forward-thinking and achieve world peace. Now this seems a bit impossible, but imagine if we took religion out of the equation how much more peace we would have in the world??

Some people have asked me "why do you care what others believe?" The fact is, I don't. You can believe whatever the hell you want to believe. However when it affects me and my daily life, then that is where I begin to care. Religion consistently imposes its beliefs onto others and it is just not right. Period.

How does religion affect me personally (and others around me)? Here are just a few things to list:
  • War in the name of religion. (Iraq, Ireland, etc.)
  • Prevention of STDs, AIDS, and unwanted births (since Catholocism strictly forbids contraceptives and birth control)
  • The spread of the Human Papilloma Virus (since the Catholic Church and others ban the vaccination)
  • Hate crimes against homosexuality and other opposing religious beliefs
  • Stem Cell Research Banned (this could save billions of lives from an embryo that has less formed neurons than a fruitfly)
  • Faith Healing (several children have died due to their parents not seeking medical attention for them)
  • Right To Choose (while abortion is legal now, many Christian groups are trying to overturn it)
  • Right To Die (I would want to die if I was suffering, it's MY life, MY choice!)
  • Incorrect scientific information being taught to kids (creationism)
Here are some other, more minor ways religion affects my daily life.
  • The illegality of prostitution (not that I would purchase a street skank anyway, but if I wanted to, let ME decide!)
  • The inability to purchase alcohol on a Sunday in my state
  • The lack of gambling casinos in my state
There are literally thousands of ways religion negatively affects us all, but these are just a few I could come up with off the top of my head. I don't care what anyone believes, but when they want to push their religion into politics (Mike Huckabee, George Bush, Mitt Romney), then I really take issue with what others believe.
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